Our Story

The Sasura story began in 2010 when we set out to find the the treasure most sought after by women. Our search took us around the world from the exciting urban centres of Europe, to the picturesque landscapes of Asia, right back to the place we call home in Canada. We saw incredible works by renowned artists, learned from the stories of the people we met and visited our own memories, but without an answer, still we searched. 

Like a sudden rush, our search was over. The answer was revealed in whispers and quiet repose. We discovered that the most valuable treasure isn't material - it is deeper and more substantial. It is the treasure within each of us - our true state of being. 

We are each our own unique treasures.

With this knowledge of our desire to be uniquely ourselves and all we learned in our worldwide journey, Sasura was born. Our exquisitely designed eyewear uses traditional artistry and new technology to become the best way to tell your story through your own eyes.